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EX Design Group’s residential motorized exterior patio screen

Our Motorized Patio Screens

EX Design Group provides multiple patio screening products & services, including installation. Choose from motorized patio screens, motorized sunscreens, and motorized roll-up shades powered by Lutron. Motorized outdoor patio screens allow you to enjoy your backyard pergola and Texas patios while being safe from harmful UV rays, wind, and annoying bugs and pests.

Our patio roll up exterior screens can span up to 25’ automated patio shades designed for a Texas-sized patio!

Do you want to recess your patio screens into your new home?

Installing movable patio screens in a new construction project is a tricky task. Drawings do not provide sufficient detail to create a front-loading pocket system. When building pockets on-site, the most common practice is to create the pocket, so shades are loaded from the bottom. However, the challenge when loading a shade from the bottom is that the opening is smaller than the shade. Creating a front-loaded pocket works best with a pre-construction bracket system that creates an outline and provides a structure for the pocket framing and finishing. Also, a new construction bracket and recessed channels ensure your recessed pocket cutouts in the columns are the correct size, creating a seamless look and blend exterior shading into any design. Email us your plans & we can provide your architect or builder drawing to build a pocket properly

EX Design Group moveable patio screen installations in Dallas
Find out how much motorized patio screens cost without the hassle of a salesperson!

Get your guaranteed estimate (plus or minus 3%) from one of our project managers. To get started, simply:

1. Take a front picture of the area you would like to add exterior patio shades.

2. Measure your openings, plus or minus 6.”

3. Tell us what you would like to accomplish by adding exterior patio shades. For example, sun protection, bug, or wind protection, or all of the above.

We will send you a quote within 24 hours. If you are interested, set up an appointment with one of our project managers & they will arrange to meet you at your home to go over all of your options!

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Having difficulty choosing what patio screen system works best for your project? Our exterior shade experts will not only ensure your system is set up properly for maximum enjoyment, but also make a recommendation.